Osian Roberts

Tenor saxophonist, composer, arranger and teacher.

Lush Life
Osian Roberts / Steve Fishwick Quintet (Live At Dempsey's)

Latest news...


This last year has been musically very rewarding for me!

I've recorded with Michael Buble, and Ondrej Stveracek (not together!); performed with some of my musical heroes (Grant Stewart, Frank Basile, Dmitry Baevsky, Alex Hoffman, Ondrej Stveracek, and Brian Charette to name a few), toured with the 'International Sextet' I co-lead with my musical compadre - the incredible Steve Fishwick; and I took part in the fantastic Prague Summer Jazz Workshop.

I've also made a new friend in Polish drum giant Eryk Kulm, who invited me to join his fantastic quartet this year. In addition to being a really swinging drummer, he's also a really great person, so I'm very excited about spending more time with him soon, as we're planning a recording. Watch this space!


is shaping up to be a very good year...

In January I'll be leading a new quartet featuring the Hammond B3 of the great Jakub Zomer at Prague's Jazz Dock, then soon after will be the first gig of the Roberts/Sulc Jazz Orchestra since 2009. I'm very excited about bringing the band back together and into it's spiritual home U Maleho Glena, so I'm busy writing new music for the gig.

A few days later I'll be flying to France for the annual Glenn Miller Memorial Orchestra tour, and as soon as that finishes, I'll fly straight to the UK for a tour with Steve Fishwick and my International Sextet (see below)

New Album on Hard Bop Records...

During our International Sextet tour earlier this year, Steve Fishwick and I took our band into Derek Nash's brilliant "Clown's Pocket" studio to record some new original compositions.   

The album's called When Night Falls, and features the fantastic baritone saxophone of Frank Basile, as well as the equally great Albert Sanz on piano, Dave Whitford on bass, and Steve's brother Matt Fishwick on drums. 

We're embarking on a promotional tour of the UK in February, so please take a look at my Gigs page for more information